Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dream Space: Residential Atriums

Chenchow Little Architects atrium built around Banksia Integrifolia tree

Recently, I had a dream that took place in a residential atrium. My favorite types of atriums are when architects design around a tree that is found on the building site, as above and below.

Pedro Ribeiro Pita, The Cadiz House in Spain

Landscape architect Francesca Watson, South Africa

Steve Jobs claimed the Eichler homes of his childhood were influential to his design aesthetic. These mid-century manufactured houses typically have large atriums.

Above and below, A-Frame Eichler homes with atriums

Above an atrium home in Brooklyn by Mesh architects and below Kaa restaurant in Sao Paulo Bazil with its indoor outdoor plant environment by Studio Arthur Casas.

Residential atriums originate in Italy. Above and below Pompeii and at bottom my photo of an entrance to a residential atrium in Rome. 

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